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Welding CENTER

To run high Quality projects and equipment, RASHEE has developed a training center to ensure continuous performance of its welders and improve their capabilities. The training center provide both onsite training and classroom training using virtual welding machines and adequate material.

The training center has allocated with an area of about 750 m2 equipped with the required welding machines.

The main concerns of RASHEE are to promote welders’ capabilities, as well as trainee welders to get levels 2G, 3G & 6G in addition to conduction welders’ performances.

RASHEE trained up more than 50 welders including SMAW, GMAW and GTAW…and involve an authorized third-party for testing and certification approval of the welders.

ESAB GMAW welding machine for welding carbon steels and stainless steels with maximum welding current 500 A

Miller GTAW machine AC & DC for welding carbon steels, stainless steels, as well as, non-ferrous metals like aluminum

STT GMAW for welding the first pass for pipe and pressure vessel …etc. with full penetration. the machine has two welding torches with maximum current 500 A

SMAW DC with maximum current of 400 A

Lincoln GMAW, DC with maximum welding current of 500 A

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