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The company pays great attention to engineering inspection work, quality control, assurance and quality to ensure the quality of its products through a specialized technical staff with authorized international certificates, laboratory and modern devices for examination and following international standards in this field and commensurate with the goals, values and vision of our company and achieves it as a leader among the companies operating in this field carrying out all kinds of destructive and non-destructive tests, laboratory tests, X-ray imaging, ultrasound, penetrating fluids, magnetic particle inspection, water and vacuum testing, etc.

The company also seeks through its development plans to add activities such as the manufacture and maintenance of rotating equipment such as turbines, compressors, amplifiers and others to integrate its activity with the existing capabilities of fixed equipment, which qualifies it to implement integrated projects in the form of TURNKEY PROJECT EXECUTION of various economic models and provide operation and maintenance services for various projects for oil and gas projects, petrochemical industries, energy, water treatment, infrastructures, etc.

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