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Services and Human Resources


RASHEE is providing services ranging from detailed Engineering to Commissioning and start up, to cover Procurement, Project Management Manufacturing, equipment erection and Construction.


The Engineering team is composed by an international skilled team highly qualified. RASHEE Engineering team could reach a 50.000 hrs/yearly.

When it comes to bigger projects, RASHEE could involve its strategic and international partners to reach the needed work volume and to cope with project technical specifications whether it concerns manufacturing or EPC projects.


RASHEE Considers the Procurement as a bridge between Design phase and the Fabrication phase. A specific care and delicacy, are given to the process.

An international suppliers and partners database is updated, then explored by the Procurement team to select the adequate vendor. Selection takes in consideration all project constraints, namely: items technical specifications, cost and delivery time, and obviously the required vendor list by end user, if any.

All those efforts are necessary to build up a strong supply chain Management and control starting from identifying components and / or services required till FACTORY Acceptance Tests which is considered as the last loop in the process.

The procurement team is one of the most active process in RASHEE to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders through different steps:


sourcing of raw materials

placing orders and contracts

transportation and delivery to site (if needed)

Project Management

RASHEE Could Manage project with more than 300 peoples onsite. As the company involving high skilled Project Managers in Oil and Gas projects with an experience of 20 to 30 years with international well-known companies.

RASHEE Project managers could handle pipeline, storage tanks and CPF Projects…


The company has more than 100 employees acting in workshop to handle all operations starting from storage management, prefabrication by high qualified operators for cutting, rolling and welding…

RASHEE has also installed a training center with continuous and high control to enhance welder’s performance.

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